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How Child Custody Attorneys Help Protect Your Parental Rights

The custody plan that the court finds to be in the child’s best interests will affect how any divorce, legal separation, or annulment involving children turns out. When making this decision, the judge in your case will take into account a number of variables, such as your relationship with your partner or spouse, the quality of your co-parenting, the history of domestic abuse in either of your parents, and any other pertinent evidence. Our family law attorneys in Knoxville, TN will assist you in negotiating a parenting plan, whether it be temporary or permanent, that satisfies your objectives and aligns with Tennessee law.

Our skilled Knoxville child custody lawyers have a great deal of knowledge in the difficult process of determining child custody. Our intention is to make sure you have the time and support you need to live a happy, healthy life with your kids. Our experts will collaborate closely with you to develop a compelling case for the arrangements that will enable a lasting bond between you and your children.

Legal and physical custody are the two main categories into which it falls. While physical custody deals with schedules and the children’s place of residence, legal custody encompasses the ability to make decisions. Sometimes both parents share shared physical custody, but only one parent has exclusive legal custody. In other situations, one parent will get visiting privileges while the other will have exclusive physical custody. After carefully examining your case, our team of child custody attorneys will suggest the best course of action to get the custody arrangements you desire.

Although the result of your custody battle cannot be guaranteed, our Knoxville child custody attorneys are ready to fight for the arrangement of your choosing. We’ll put up a fight to ensure you have a voice in your children’s life and work hard to get the best result possible for your circumstances.

How Is Tennessee Child Support Calculated?
The amount of child support due will be decided by a court in accordance with Tennessee law. Judges follow strict criteria that take into account things like both parents’ income, child care bills, and other expenses associated with raising the kid. The needs and desires of the children may also be considered by the court.

Generally speaking, a high earner must pay more in child support than a person with a lesser income. This rule does have certain exceptions, though. To ascertain the proper amount of child support that you should pay or receive, speak with a Knoxville attorney about the specifics of your case.

The Law Offices of Lisa Collins Werner, with its location in Knoxville, offers a range of family law services. Attorney Lisa Werner is a licensed mediator with experience in collaborative divorce. She is also classified as a Rule 31 Family Mediator by the Supreme Court of Tennessee. Her areas of expertise are divorce and other family law problems, and she has represented clients in child custody procedures. She is a skilled trial lawyer who Tennessee Super Lawyers recognized as a Leading Lawyer for Family Law.

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